INDEX ǀ 25 - 26 JUNE 2018 ǀ PARIS, FRANCE 


Main sessions

(as stand-alone)


Design & Simulation

Beyond the CAD already used in mechanical, electrical, control-command systems..., towards systems engineering. In parallel, the simulation gains new applications. How to optimize existing designs? How to validate more quickly new concepts and procedures?


Maintenance & Operation

New intelligent digital mock-up, sharing tools and digitalized workflow between operator and services providers open up new ways for operational excellence.

What are the new opportunities, in the preparation and implementation period of interventions, to validate co-activity management strategies? How to simplify and streamline processes between the operator and its service providers?

Guillaume Montandon

ORANO Projets



Digitalised and BIM (Building Information Modeling) approaches are developing in the construction sector. How does the transformation benefit nuclear projects before and during the construction up to handhover to operation?


Dismantling & Waste Management

How can digital technology anticipate and manage the uncertainties of dismantling projects? What can be learned from the experiences already carried out in digital (VR, scenario simulation, BIM, Big Data ...), in terms of economic and industrial performance? How organizations and processes are adapting to digital transformation to make it a key factor of expertise and success for dismantling and waste management?

Claude Duval


Additional focused areas

(as stand-alone or associated with a main session)

Jean-Bernard Thevenon


Cyril Moitrier


Luc Ardellier

OREKA Solutions



How can we better share and integrate safety requirements into the management of industrial projects? What digital tools do operators need? How to increase the confidence of the regulator through better sharing of information? Is it possible to combine continuous reinforcement of the safety level and improvement of competitiveness?


Change Management

Because of re-invention of processes, technologies and cultures through digital transformation, a lot of challenges are associated with change management and cultural shifts within and between organizations. To increase efficiency, agility, operational excellence, creative experience a clear vision for the future is required. As well as collaboration between leaders, CIOs, managers and teams. What skills, knowledge management practices, specific training, organizational adaptation are needed to succeed ?

Laurent Kueny

Bureau Veritas

Eric Devingt




Maintaining the level of security of industrial systems and the confidentiality of data is essential to the success of the digital transformation. What are the risks in cyber-attacks and what are the associated measures?

how to secure data transmission to allow large introduction of IoT and Data analytics? How to organize data protection in open organizational structure?


Benchmark from other industry

Digital transformation is underway in the world and in all sectors. What gains can be expected from the digital transformation in the nuclear sector in the light of what we learn from other industrial sectors?

Vincent Boulanger


Jean-Patrick Carrié


Luc Ardellier

Luc Ardellier - OREKA Sud